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posted Feb 16, 2016, 9:10 PM by Muriel Hall

Peer Outreach recently hosted its Annual THINK Week. Activities were held during lunches to remind students to ask themselves to think before speaking. So, before we speak, we should ask ourselves to THINK:

T= It is TRUE? Two Truths and a Lie was played during lunches to remind students of the importance of telling the truth and not spreading rumors.
H = Is it HELPFUL? Helpul Things Link Us Together! Students wrote down things that help others. A chain was made of all those helpful things! 
I = Is it INSPIRING? Students had the opportunity to sign a letter or paper at lunch and wrote down quotes/statements/people that inspire them.
N = Is it NECESSARY? Students stated things that are not necessary to do (bullying, be mean, spread rumors, etc). These signs are currently displayed on our bulletin board,
K= Is it KIND? Students played another round of MIX IT UP - musical chair style - to show the importance of tolerance and kindness.

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