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Community Update,

Our latest news, to this point is our greatest news.  We are very happy to report to the BMS community that thanks to the very generous support of our community we have raised over $20,000 through private fundraising efforts to this point.  Thank you!!!  

But there is more, we also owe an additional huge thank you to our community for the approval of the warrant article to support the Wildcat Habitat. Thank you!!! Thanks to the generous support of the voters at the March 10th Bow town meeting, $25,000 was approved for the construction of phase one of the Wildcat Habitat.  This brings the total amount of funding which we have available to begin working with to over $45,000.  

Our “Buy a Brick” fundraiser is still going, and we have actually had the first run of granite bricks engraved.  The bricks look great and order forms can be found on the BMS homepage for anyone looking to support the Wildcat Habitat through the purchase of one.  

Thank you to our generous and supportive community.


The Wildcat Habitat Committee

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Muriel Hall,
Oct 20, 2016, 6:12 PM