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2 girls and 1 boy holding their stacks of books

“If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl

a boy and a girl holding their stacks of books

Count 'em up!

Collage of 3 girls holding their tall stacks of books

At the start of the school year, sixth graders in Dr. Perkin’s reading classes were presented with a challenge--how many books could they read in a semester?

The rules were simple. For homework, read for 20 minutes or more each night, even on weekends, and read for 10 minutes in class each day.

The BMS Media Center served as a hub of activity for these readers. More than 400 books were checked out during this time period! Some were thick with hundreds of pages ( think Harry Potter!) while others not, but all provided enjoyment and appreciation for the written word.

“It wasn’t a test...we just needed to count ‘em up,” shared one reader. Another noted, “Since I’m a slow reader, it was really cool to see how many books I could read. And I didn’t used to like to read!”

During semester one, students read a total of 741 books! A new challenge begins in semester two. Will the students’ stacks be taller in June?

Click here to see more photos of students carrying the weight of their reading in their hands. Congrats to all our young readers!

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