BMS Cross Country

Merrimack Valley School Meet: Another great performance by all of our runners this week! The girls team placed 3rd overall and the boys team placed 2nd overall.

Results: Girls Part 1 Girls Part 2 Boys

Bow Memorial School Meet: We had a great home meet and want to congratulate all our runners for a job well done. It was exciting to see a lot of runners improving their times again this week. Both the girls and boys teams placed 3rd overall.

Results: Girls Boys

Cawley Middle School Meet: An awesome effort was put in by all of our runners again this week. Many times improved from the first meet! The girls team placed 4th overall and the boys team placed 3rd overall.

Results: Girls and Boys

Rundlett Middle School Meet: Congratulations to all the runners that participated in our first meet at White Park! The girls team placed 5th overall and the boys team placed 2nd overall.

Results: Girls Boys

August 26, 2019

To Parents and Guardians of students interested in running BMS XC:

We are very excited about our upcoming season! The goals for the cross country team at Bow Memorial School are as follows:

  • A “no-cut” high capacity athletic activity in which students, grades 5 through 8, can participate (but to varying degrees based on the availability of busing),
  • A way to learn more about lifetime health and wellness,
  • An opportunity to compete in cross country meets,
  • And a whole bunch of fun for all students involved.

We will typically practice from 3:20 pm until 4:40 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons. Because cross country is an athletic endeavor, we subscribe to the same requirements as any other sport at BMS. Therefore, prior to your child’s participation in practice, we are requiring the following:

  • The Blue Athletic Participation Form must be complete and in the possession of the coaches (this can be picked up in the main office or accessed online if you do not already have one). Students can turn them in at the main office and the forms will be given to the coaches.
  • Your child needs to have a current physical (within the last two years) on file with the school nurse (Donna Ireland 225-3212 ext. 406).
  • Please complete the very short survey that is linked if your student intends to participate in XC this year.

We wish for any student who would like to participate to join us, so if your child needs to get a physical and that takes a few days to get scheduled, that isn’t a problem. We will begin on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 for those who have met the above requirements. Students needing to get a physical completed by a doctor can join us at any point after having submitted all of the required forms.

We really look forward to working with your children and helping them to develop a lifelong love of running and fitness. Parents wishing to volunteer to assist the team, including running with us (our team tends to be very large, so we love having volunteer “coaches”), we ask that you please contact any of the coaches. For general questions, please call the main office (225-3212) at BMS.

As we mentioned earlier, busing has become a profound issue statewide, as there are not enough bus drivers to fully staff basic school routes or athletic and other trips. What this means for X-C is that we may not be able to secure busing for all runners for away meets, although we try very hard to make that happen. All students can participate in home meets, but we will use the following logic for determining who can go to away meets if we are unable to transport everyone in this order:

  1. Top seven boys and girls regardless of grade (they are the scoring runners)
  2. 8th grade runners
  3. 7th grade runners
  4. 6th grade runners
  5. 5th grade runners


Coaches Amy Booth, Stephanie Barger, Seth Pingree and Adam Osburn

Additional Notes:

  • Students should wear appropriate athletic attire for running and the weather.
  • Students should have a comfortable pair of running shoes.
  • Students should bring water bottles to practice.
  • In the event of a cancelled practice, students are expected to take their normal means of transport home after school.