Clubs at BMS

5th Grade StringsDaniel Ciccarello - Monday & Thursday 7:50-8:30AM
Art ClubAshley Polson - Thursdays 8-8:30AM
Art Club is for anyone with an interest in the arts. Our goals are to work together as a collaborative team to create art for ourselves and for the school community. Each week, students will participate in art activities that range from free-choice Open Studio to collaborative murals and new craft activities. 
Computer ClubBryan Merritt - Tuesday 3:10-4:10PM
Computer Club is open to all middle schoolers of all skill levels! You can join with a ton of experience or none at all, and we will always have a fun and stimulating activity for you to do! The purpose of this after-school club is to allow students to explore and exploit their computer skills. Students will work with a variety of software programs and have opportunities to engage in computer activities. All computer club members must follow the District Electronic Usage Policy.
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Destination ImaginationKara Hinck - Monday 3:15 - 5:00pm 
Destination Imagination is a hands-on, collaborative, and fun experience where students are empowered to take their learning to the next level by solving unique challenges and using their imagination to create solutions. DI provides unique educational experiences across several STEAM areas and helps to empower students to take the lead and provides a framework within which they can take risks and learn from what doesn't go well and improve on what does. This program also helps students to become lifelong problem solvers who are inspired to innovate creative solutions to real-world challenges quickly and collaboratively.
Early ActCatherine Parker - Every other Thursday 8-8:30AM
The Middle School-level version of Bow Rotary.  It is a vital resource for the greater Bow community, and many organizations rely on our help.  Through our work on community-based projects, EarlyActors sharpen leadership skills, and learn the value of hard work, volunteering and fundraising.  All Club members are expected to attend all Club meetings, and to participate in the Club’s fundraising and service activities. EarlyAct Club is a branch of the Rotary Club. 
Environmental ClubSue Pribis - Friday (Except the 2nd Fridays of the Month) 8-8:30AM
The goal of the club is to participate in projects, fundraisers, and activities that will help our environment.  The activities in the past have included building bat and bee houses, trash pick ups, and raising money for conservation groups/causes.  Some projects that were brainstormed before this year but have not been completed include planting trees around our school, raising money to send to rainforest conservation, creating a school garden, and working with the school to reduce our plastic consumption.  Students choose projects that those in the club are passionate about for both our local and global environment.
Golf ClubJoe Rider - Tuesday & Wednesday 8:05-8:30AM
Guitar ClubMatthew Davis - Monday 8-8:30AM
Jazz BandMatthew Davis - Wednesday 8-8:30AM
Lacrosse ClubJoe Rider - Friday 8:05-8:30AM
Library ClubMrs. Rousseau-Evans and Mrs. Shore - Tuesday 8-8:30AM
Do you love your library,  reading,  book fairs,  and helping out?   Please consider joining us as we plan the theme, decorations, and advertise for the Fall and Spring Scholastic Book Fairs , Adopt-A-Shelf, decorating bulletin boards, shelving books, checking books in & out, photocopying, running errands, cleaning and more.  Like most clubs, we expect that you will have pride in your school, keep up with your school work, and follow the R.O. A.R. 
Math Team Grades 5 & 6Sandy Dion - Wednesday 8:05-8:30AM - Grade 5 & 6 Only
This is a group of students in 5th and 6th grade who meet weekly to practice and learn math skills. Some students compete, others just come to practice their skills.
Math Team Grades 7 & 8Sue Pribis - Wednesday 8-8:30AM - Grade 7 & 8 Only
This is a group of students in 7th and 8th grade who meet weekly to practice and learn math skills. Some students compete, others just come to practice their skills.
Peer OutreachDetails coming soon!
RoboticsStephen Chella - Tuesday and Wednesday 8-8:30AM
To motivate students' to be creative thinkers, by engaging them in stimulating programs that build innovative engineering skills focused on leadership, problem-solving and collaboration.In teams of 3-4 students will build vex robots from the ground up. This will include utilizing the engineering process when completing the actual building, coding the robots and practicing with the robots for competitions.
Rock BandMatthew Davis - Friday 8-8:30AM - Band Room
Select ChorusDaniel Ciccarello - Wednesday 7:50-8:30AM
String EnsembleDaniel Ciccarello - Thursday & Friday 7:50-8:30AM
Student CouncilJanis Eskeland & Terri George - Executive Board every Monday 8-8:30AM & Tuesday 8-8:30AM
The purpose of Student Council is to offer students at all four grade levels an opportunity to serve in student government. Student Council is a service organization that promotes unity and serves the school and the greater community by planning, organizing, and offering various school activities/events.
Student NewspaperSue Shore & Janine Rousseau-Evans - Thursday 8-8:30AM
All are welcome to join this club to be part of a wonderful group of students who work together to create our student newspaper, "The Wildcat."  Students have the opportunity to interview, report, write, photograph, draw cartoons, or even start their own column. Students will benefit from collaborating with others, speaking and interviewing, writing and revising, thinking creatively, and meeting new people. 
Wind EnsembleMatthew Davis - Tuesday 8-8:30AM